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Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics W7
International Faculty of Engineering (IFE)
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Student testing a VR game.

Information Technology

Professional title


Cycle of study


Mode of study 

full time

Number of semesters


Language of instruction



Winter semester

Subjects passed at the baccalaureate exam

english (min 50% from advanced level)

Additional subjects

second foreign language
second foreign language
information technology
information technology

Dyplom zawodowy
W rekrutacji na ten kierunek nie jest brany pod uwagę dyplom technika

    About the field of study

    Studying Information Technology allows you to acquire skills in designing applications, computer games and information systems using technologies such as computer networks, databases and computer graphics. They also enable a deep understanding and practical use of artificial intelligence (AI). In this program, you will learn how to effectively use AI for your own development, allowing you to meet the challenges of the modern world. The study program includes participation in the "Microsoft Academy" and "Oracle Academy" programs, providing access to training materials from leading software manufacturers and the opportunity to earn valuable certifications. The training program emphasizes the practical application of acquired skills, ensuring that graduates can easily find jobs. This field of study prepares you to make AI not a threat to your workplace, but a tool that enhances your skills and contributes to your professional development. The faculty cooperates with IT companies, constantly upgrading the educational program to meet the current needs of the labor market, which ensures that the knowledge gained is up-to-date and practical.  

    The study program is available here

    Competencies you will gain

    Information systems design
    Computer graphics
    Database management
    C/C++, C#
    Java, JavaScript, Python i R

    About you

    If you want to explore the design and programming of information systems, develop skills for solving real-world industrial problems, and work with the latest technologies, then studying Information Technology is an ideal choice. This field of study will allow you to combine your passion for technology with the possibility of profitable work. 

    In this field of study, you will not only gain knowledge of the latest technologies, but also complete your first advanced IT projects. The study program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive education. In the first year, you will learn the basics of programming and operating systems, and how to use these skills to design effective solutions. In the following years, you will develop your competencies and expand your skillset by learning programming languages such as C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and R. You will gain knowledge of networking technologies, image processing and other key IT areas. 

    Developing your AI skills will help you become a valuable specialist in the technology of the future. In addition, classes are conducted entirely in English, which will help you achieve fluency in specialized vocabulary and foreign language. This field of study also gives you the opportunity to complete a semester at a foreign university as part of the Mobility Semester program, so you will gain international experience and perspective. It's an investment in your future - both in terms of your career and personal development.  


    Job perspectives

    • programmer,
    • analyst and systems engineer, 
    • database administrator, 
    • Computer graphic designer in advertising agencies, press, film and television, 
    • Tester of software, information and data communication systems, 
    • Computer network administrator and designer, 
    • Specialist in IT installation and maintenance systems. 
    • Specialist in information technology companies, research and development centers, state and local government, academic institutions or in education, 
    • IT project leader, 
    • research or academic employee, 
    • Cyber Security Specialist, 
    • Machine Learning Engineer.