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Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics W7
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Technical Physics

Professional title


Cycle of study


Mode of study 

full time

Number of semesters


Language of instruction



Winter semester

Subjects passed at the baccalaureate exam

foreign language
foreign language

Additional subjects

information technology
information technology
professional diploma
professional diploma

Professional diploma

311408 technik elektronik
311410 technik mechatronik
351203 technik informatyk
321406 technik programista
technik automatyki i robotyki (decyzja MEN z 09.07.2019)

Dyplom zawodowy
W rekrutacji na ten kierunek nie jest brany pod uwagę dyplom technika

    About the field of study

    Technical Physics is a field that specifically considers the application of scientific methods to industry. Choosing this field of study at Lodz University of Technology, students learn about highly developed technologies used in optoelectronics, electronics, as well as molecular and quantum engineering, among others. They are prepared to design, build and operate measurement apparatuses using laser light and liquid and solid crystals. Our lecturers are experts in physical fields such as computer physics, optics, semiconductor physics and fiber optic technology. They gain knowledge in state-of-the-art laboratories that provide practical training in advanced methods of analyzing experimental data.  

    The exact list of courses taught in each semester can be found on the website

    Graduate opinions

    The world of new technologies has always interested me. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to understand the principles of technical innovation and the possibility of describing the surrounding world with the language of mathematics and computer models.

    Sebastian Macegoniuk, Head of Product Development Group w firmie Ericsson

    Competencies you will gain

    Molecular and quantum engineering

    About you

    Physics is needed in every field, but when it comes to the production of modern and complex measuring devices, a higher circle of initiation is needed. Business owners are looking for employees who have highly developed technical skills and the necessary knowledge. If you want to become a specialist sought after on the job market, you've come to the right place! Studying will make Physics have no secrets for you. Not only will you develop your existing knowledge, but you will also learn about a number of new scientific fields and, most importantly, their practical application in industry. Kinetics, dynamics, magnetism - you will experience it firsthand. With us, you'll even explore issues in quantum physics! Upon graduation, you will become one of the few specialists in the highly sought-after field of technical physics on the job market, and you will be able to conduct scientific research and experiments on your own - starting from the preparation of research apparatus to the analysis and presentation of results. 


    Job perspectives

    • companies that manufacture state-of-the-art equipment that is used in such fields as telecommunications, optoelectronics, multimedia, medicine, military, measurement systems, high-voltage power generation, and environmental protection, 
    • Companies developing advanced information, optoelectronic and medical technologies, 
    • laboratories and scientific research centers (foreign and domestic).