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Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics W7
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Studenci pracują w pracowni komputerowej.

Applied Computer Science

Professional title

master of science

Cycle of study


Mode of study 

full time

Number of semesters


Language of instruction



We are not currently recruiting for this field of study

Dyplom zawodowy
W rekrutacji na ten kierunek nie jest brany pod uwagę dyplom technika

    About the field of study

    The Master's second-cycle studies in Applied Computer Science enable you to deepen your knowledge and further develop your skills related to the design and programming of information systems. They provide opportunities to develop the ability to solve abstract problems and encourage work in an environment of the latest technology. The study program includes topics in intelligent databases and visual communication. The range of elective subjects includes proposals that combine computer science with other fields of science - e-business, image and sound processing, and even biometric support for human-computer interaction. The Faculty participates in cooperative programs with major software manufacturers Microsoft Academy and Oracle Academy, through which students benefit from training materials prepared by the companies, and upon completion of the classes, the best participants receive relevant certificates. 

    The detailed list of courses taught in each semester can be found on the website


    • Data Science, 
    • computer graphics and multimedia, 
    • user interfaces and usability studies (UI/UX), 
    • Software engineering and machine learning, 
    • game technologies and interactive systems. 

    Graduate opinions

    This programme is a real ocean of opportunities. I am convinced that no two computer science graduates have the same skills. While studying, I was able to gain knowledge in such areas as web application programming, game development, network administration or embedded systems.

    Konrad Klimczak, Senior JavaScript Developer w firmie BinarApps

    Competencies you will gain

    Information systems design
    Computer graphics
    Database management
    C/C++, C#
    Java, JavaScript, Python i R

    About you

    Probably most people know that the game "The Witcher" was created by the Polish studio CD Projekt RED. However, not everyone is aware that the Mixed Reality Laboratory at the Centre for Information Technology at Lodz University of Technology has the same technology that was used to create "The Witcher" in Kraków. The game has been released in fifteen languages, and its third part has received a total of more than 800 different awards, including more than 250 "Game of the Year" awards. 

    Developing advanced games requires not only professional tools, but also the right skills, which you can acquire in Applied Computer Science at the second cycle. The curriculum created with the active participation of companies, i.e. potential employers of future graduates, so you will learn about current market requirements. You'll gain access to cutting-edge technologies, including the Artificial Intelligence in Imaging and Recognition Lab, the Mixed Reality and Film Techniques Lab, the Animation and Computer Games Lab, the Biometrics Lab and the Mobile Systems Lab, which are located in the Information Technology Center. If you want to test your skills and develop an interest, a great decision would be to join the thriving Koło Informatycznego Niepokoju whose members regularly win high positions in the ImagineCup competition, which is the largest technology competition for students.  


    Job perspectives

    • programmer 
    • analyst and systems engineer 
    • database administrator 
    • computer graphic designer in advertising agencies, press, film and television 
    • designer and programmer of computer games 
    • tester of software, information and data communication systems 
    • computer network administrator and designer 
    • Specialist in IT installation and maintenance systems