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Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics W7
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Actuary and Financial Analysis

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full time

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Winter semester

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W rekrutacji na ten kierunek nie jest brany pod uwagę dyplom technika

    About the field of study

    Studying Actuary and Financial Analysis is an opportunity to gain practical knowledge to calculate insurance premiums and reserves. Students gain skills in insurance and market risk assessment, so they can easily start a career as a credit specialist. They can also easily determine the solvency margin, estimate the cost of credit and value securities. They are also proficient in the field of information technology. In the Actuary and Financial Analysis field of study, advanced knowledge of Python, R and VBA is taught, which enables effective work with business data. In addition, students will learn Monte Carlo methods, actuarial and statistical models, as well as how to solve business problems - everything necessary to succeed in the financial-insurance market. 

    The study program can be found at ;

    Graduate opinions

    Studying at the Institute of Mathematics of TUL gave me, first of all, the opportunity to learn about mathematics, which is a truly fascinating field of science. My studies also opened up the perspective of academic work for me.

    Mężczyzna stoi przed budynkiem.
    Mateusz Lichman

    Competencies you will gain

    Financial analysis
    Mathematics and statistics
    Business analytics

    About you

    Do you want to become a specialist in insurance and finance? If so, then the Actuary and Financial Analysis is for you! 

    An actuary is a specialist who calculates the risk and value of financial projects. What can you expect in this field of study? Above all, you will combine expertise with best practices. The curriculum is prepared so that you get a comprehensive education in finance. Differential equations, statistics, credit risk - sounds complicated? After your studies, you will have each of these issues at your fingertips. What opportunities await you after completing this course? You will be able to pass the state actuarial exam within the sections of probability and statistics, mathematics of life insurance and mathematics of other personal and property insurance. This will allow you to easily gain employment in the insurance and finance industry. It is worth knowing that, according to regulations, at least one actuary is required in every insurance company operating in our country. So, if you are hoping for a successful career, choose Actuary and Financial Analysis at Lodz University of Technology!


    Job perspectives

    • insurance analyst,
    • credit analyst, 
    • market analyst,
    • property and personnel specialist, 
    • statistician, 
    • employee in the IT department.