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Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics W7
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Applied Mathematics

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full time

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Winter semester

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W rekrutacji na ten kierunek nie jest brany pod uwagę dyplom technika

    About the field of study

    Training in Applied Mathematics second-cycle is provided in four specializations, which are an extension and continuation of those pursued in first-cycle studies. 

    Data analysis in business and logistics enables the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the use of data mining methods and algorithms and is related to the use of database systems in the extraction of knowledge from data. Applied Mathematics is a specialization designed for students who want to deepen their knowledge of theoretical mathematics and are interested in its various applications, such as in modeling graph problems, approximation problems and optimization in the broadest sense. Mathematical modeling and optimization is a specialty that offers in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of building and analyzing models of natural, technical and social processes, thanks to which the graduate will be prepared to work in research, industrial and scientific institutions dealing with the modeling of diverse processes: technological, physical, chemical, biological, social and economic. Risk management in finance and insurance allows you to gain knowledge in the field of financial mathematics, financial risk management and the functioning of the financial market, as well as insurance mathematics and the functioning of the insurance market.   

    The exact list of courses taught in each semester can be found on the website

    Graduate opinions

    During my first class, I heard from one of the professors: "Mathematics teaches you to think." Indeed, studying mathematics allows one to acquire a number of very important competencies. Students learn to analyze, solve problems and perfect logical thinking, useful in almost any career path.

    Łukasz Wiśniewski przy komputerze.
    Łukasz Wiśniewski, Senior RPA Developer w firmie Nordea Bank Abp.

    Competencies you will gain

    Information Technology
    Database management

    About you

    Do you know who invented roulette, also referred to as the queen of the casino? This was done in 1645 by Blaise Pascal, who had a keen interest in probability calculus. There were no zeros in roulette at first — they were added much later to increase the profit in the casino. As you can see, mathematics does not have to be just a series of rigid rules and calculations, but a way of putting the world in order.   

    Second-cycle studies in Applied Mathematics are an opportunity to develop skills enabling efficient use of VBA, R-Studio, SQL and database management, as well as to acquire practical competences within the framework of mathematics applications. The combination of these skills with knowledge of computer science allows you to master all aspects necessary for the realization of practical applications of mathematics.  


    Job perspectives

    • stock market analyst 
    • credit analyst 
    • pension advisor 
    • database analyst 
    • statistician
    • insurance analyst 
    • insurance advisor 
    • employee of financial institutions