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Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics W7
International Faculty of Engineering (IFE)
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Mathematical Methods in Data Analysis

Professional title


Cycle of study


Mode of study 

full time

Number of semesters


Language of instruction



Winter semester

Subjects passed at the baccalaureate exam

english (min 50% from advanced level)

Additional subjects

second foreign language
second foreign language
information technology
information technology
professional diploma
professional diploma

Professional diploma

351203 technik informatyk
321406 technik programista
technik automatyki i robotyki (decyzja MEN z 09.07.2019)

Dyplom zawodowy
W rekrutacji na ten kierunek nie jest brany pod uwagę dyplom technika

    About the field of study

    Students pursuing Mathematical Methods in Data Analysis gain the knowledge to apply data mining tactics and make the right business decisions based on them. The demand for specialists in this field was expressed by companies participating in the consultation of the training program. The specialized curriculum has been designed to provide access to the latest techniques used in the professional career. Students master the issues of data classification, as well as learn to apply forecasting methods. They acquire not only the mathematical knowledge that allows the construction and evaluation of data analysis models, but also the computer skills that allow its practical use. By studying in English and gaining soft skills, they can also easily work in international companies. Graduates of Mathematical Methods in Data Analysis can take up positions related to database management, e.g. in the banking, insurance or medical sectors. 

    The study program is available on the website

    Graduate opinions

    Studying at the Institute of Mathematics of TUL gave me, first of all, the opportunity to learn about mathematics, which is a truly fascinating field of science. My studies also opened up the perspective of academic work for me.

    Mężczyzna stoi przed budynkiem.
    Mateusz Lichman

    During my first class, I heard from one of the professors: "Mathematics teaches you to think." Indeed, studying mathematics allows one to acquire a number of very important competencies. Students learn to analyze, solve problems and perfect logical thinking, useful in almost any career path.

    Łukasz Wiśniewski przy komputerze.
    Łukasz Wiśniewski, Senior RPA Developer w firmie Nordea Bank Abp.

    Competencies you will gain

    Data Analytics
    Mathematics and statistics
    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    About you

    The development of technology and digitalization has affected the industrial market in recent years. With the use of modern technology, companies can collect significant data sets to improve their work system, products and distribution, but such large amounts of information can sometimes be cumbersome. Without proper selection methods and interpretation techniques, it is difficult to draw conclusions. So how to deal with large databases in a simple, easy and enjoyable way? Let us unravel this puzzle and come on, it sounds like a task for Sherlock Holmes, we will tell you how to effectively work with data using a few tricks.  

    It is enough to combine programming, mathematical sciences and data analytics, and in the easiest way you will do it with the Mathematical Methods in Data Analysis! Choosing this field of study, you are betting on the future! Thanks to the unique combination of mathematical knowledge with the dynamically developing IT industry, you will become a specialist in your industry. You will learn not only the analysis and management of databases, but also work in advanced IT systems and programming (r/SQL/Python). Science classes will help you develop the ability to think analytically and solve problems quickly with a few simple diagrams! As part of the course, you will carry out your first interdisciplinary problem projects. As a graduate of Mathematical Methods in Data Analysis, you will have all the necessary skills to start a profitable professional career. Due to the high market demand, you will easily find employment in positions such as data analyst, market analyst or database designer. 


    Job perspectives

    • data analyst, 
    • market analyst, 
    • database designer and programmer.